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Posted on 02/11/2019
Add Some Vintage Wood to Your Décor
Who doesn’t want to find that perfect eclectic wood piece to complete their design? Selecting vintage wood furniture is both a pursuit and an art. Among the myriad pieces that look similar, how can you tell what is vintage and what is a reproduction? Learn the art To tell a counterfeit study the real. Know what the real...
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Posted on 02/04/2019
What Are the Closing Costs of Buying a Home?
If you’re a first-time homebuyer, you might be wondering what all of the expenses you can expect to have when it comes time to close on your home. Ideally, you’ll want to understand all of the closing costs months in advance so that you can plan accordingly. However, even if you’re close to purchasing your first home, it’s still...
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Posted on 01/28/2019
How Can You Tackle Home Selling Challenges?
Home sellers may encounter problems as they try to get the best prices for their residences. Fortunately, there are lots of things that sellers can do to reduce or eliminate hurdles that otherwise may slow down the house selling journey. Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you tackle various home selling hurdles. 1. Analyze the...
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Posted on 01/21/2019
Is Buying a Residence Easy?
There is no one-size-fits-all plan to find and purchase a home. In some instances, a buyer instantly discovers a great residence at a budget-friendly price. Or, in other cases, it may take a buyer many weeks or months to find the perfect house. Although the homebuying journey varies from person to person, there are several things that a buyer...
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Posted on 01/14/2019
6 Tips for First Time Buyers
Buying your first home is a big endeavor, both financially and personally. Homeownership means taking on new responsibilities and bills, but it also means true financial independence. If you’re hoping to buy a home in the near future, you might be wondering what you should be doing now to put yourself in the best position when it comes time...
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Posted on 01/10/2019
2129 Kinsington Street, West Sacramento, CA 95691 now has a new price of $285,000!
Spacious three bedroom and one- half bathroom in a quiet and desirable West Sacramento area. Pergo flooring throughout. Pitched roof with composite shingles and Byers Life-Time Leaf Guard Gutters. Central heat and air with new ducts, new water heater and Aluminum siding. Built-in barbeque and mature fruit trees in back yard. One year home warranty...
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Posted on 01/07/2019
This Is What You Need To Know About Cleaning And Maintaining Your Outdoor Surfaces
Keep your outdoor surfaces in tip-top shape all year long with these care tips: Bricks Bricks are known for their durability but still need to be maintained and cared for. They key here is to be gentle with your cleaning methods as they can wear down and become compromised by the chemicals found in typical household cleaners. Have you...
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Posted on 12/31/2018
Choosing A Location For A California Home
When you’re ready to buy a home here in California, you probably need to hone in on the location as the first part pf your search. You’ll need to look at many different factors like: Cost How far away from work you want to be The school system How big of a home you need for your family Of...
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Posted on 12/24/2018
Is Your Home an Attractive Option for Buyers?
As a home seller, it is important to do everything possible to make your residence an attractive choice for buyers. Because if your home stands out from the pack, you may be better equipped than other sellers to enjoy a fast, seamless and profitable house selling experience. Ultimately, there are many ways to make your home an attractive option...
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Posted on 12/17/2018
Considering a 2nd Mortgage? Here's What Your Need to Know
You’ve been paying off your mortgage for 10 years, building equity while making careful financial decisions to ensure that you’re on track to pay off your mortgage. So, all of those payments are essentially money in the bank for you, right? Not quite. The equity you’ve built toward is home isn’t really accessible until you either fully pay off...
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Posted on 12/10/2018
How to Find a Starter Home
With rent prices shooting soaring across the country, many young Americans who were previously happy renting while they saved for a home are now turning to other options. One common solution is a starter home. If you want to keep your monthly mortgage prices low while being able to build equity and slowly save for your “forever home.” a...
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Posted on 12/05/2018
Another Property Rented - 4998 Trouville Lane, Sacramento, CA 95835
Beautiful home in prime location of Natomas West Lake...
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